1.3.17 - Midi issues

Great news about the new midi features, but now my midi tracks are going crazy :confused:
For each song I have one Midi track, that triggers scenes in daslight on another PC.
with 1.3.16 everyhing worked fine.
But now with 1.3.17, the existing midi tracks are not working right. e.g.:

These issues I have only in my existing projects. I tried it in a new project without problems (only a short try without saving/reloading)

Now I want to go back to version 1.3.16. If I download and reinstall VST-live, will my existing projects stay or will they be deleted?

Thank you - hope you can fix this soon :wink:

Sorry, a bug has creeped in which makes all MIDI playback stop after 2 seconds or so. We will provide another version fixing this asap.

You can always step back to a previous version, just de-install the current one and install the older version again. Your projects will not be compromised.

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