[1.3.19] DMX output causes audio glitches

This issue occurs when trying to send too many DMX messages at the same time stamp. Audio output from audio Tracks pauses for a fraction of a second before the message is sent and playback continues.

If there is audio output from Layers happening at the same time as audio output from Tracks when the messages are sent, the audio output pauses with a burst of noise before continuing.

Just going by the anecdotal evidence based on the DMX I’ve got in my current project, 6 messages at once causes glitches but 3 does not.

I first noticed this issue in 1.3.18, still present in 1.3.19. It was NOT present in 1.2.5 - currently trying to downgrade to confirm.

I’m using an ENTEC Open DMX USB interface on Windows 11.

I’ve managed to downgrade my installation to (the version I was using before upgrading to 1.3.18) and can confirm that this issue is NOT present so this is a regression in later versions.

… oh, we are on it! Thank you very much for reporting,

No problem @Spork, thanks for getting on it so fast! Happy to provide my project if you can’t reproduce it.

… fixed. Next Update,

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Less than 24 hours between reporting and fixing! I’m impressed! Thanks @Spork

Just installed 1.3.21 and can confirm it’s all working as expected!