1.3.21. ArtNet Recording (serious) issues

Hi @Spork , could you please just try out one thing: can you select ArtNet input sources for more than 2 DMX tracks simultaneosly (diff UNI’s) on Win11? It seems, 1.3.21. on Win11 is not allowing select ArtNet for recording input for 2+ tracks. (while on OSX, it’s possible to select max. 4 tracks that is more than enough for now)

The bigger problems are:
Recording to ArtNet sourced DMX track was working before, but I did a test today and have strange issues. Tested booth with Win11 and OSX.

  • app is not recording DMX data (regardless empty event is present or not)
  • VSTL gets frozen as soon as hitting STOP while recording ?!

(haven’t tryed before, just now for crosscheck): it seems, on OSX I can’t select between multiple universes (on Win11 it’s offered from 0-15), even can’t edit “0” manually with double-click.

Could you check this as soon as it is possible for a quck fix?
I really appreciate! F

… on my way,

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Hi @fkalmus,

the freeze after stop has been fixed. The “clip” creation after a DMX recording with many, many events has used too much time. And it’s now possible to choose the universe of input recording. It will be added to the next Pre-Release.

See you,

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Meny Meny Thanks! :hugs: