1.3.21. Start marker behaviour (?)

Dear @Spork , @musicullum . I was facing with a fact that Song Start Marker is working great when VSTL is stepping automatically from a song before, but as soon as I navigate to a song manually (via Bluetooth MIDI cc), the song starts from 00:00 Start Marker pos. is not appied. Any idea, what am I missing to set?

Start marker is only applied with Song end actions.
If a Song was supposed to start elsewhere every time, wouldn‘t you just edit it that way?

Hi @musicullum ,

Thank you for your reply! Although this meight be more complex question, I absolutely see your point.

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If a Song was supposed to start elsewhere every time, wouldn‘t you just edit it that way?

Hi @musicullum , I meight be wrong about…, in real life situation I’ve found StartMarker helpful when:

  • backing starts to an upbeat (e.g a drum break) while no extra precount is needed. meanwhile the backing track event start (the upbeat) needs to be aligned to 4th beat (in 4/4) to get the right BAR structure during the song. Using StartMarker helps eliminates the time waiting 1,2,3 “in the air” after start such a song. Or,
  • song has an optional (skippable/longer) intro

Do you see what I mean?

So I really love StartMarker (!), just wondering what is the benefit ignoring it at manual song selection…

Clicking STOP twice will put back play position to ZERO (or by manually clicking the playhead to the very beginning of the song) as it behaves in VSTLive currently either.

Do you see another point of view, that invoking-StartMarker at manual song selection could cause problems? I absolutely trust your experience.

Totally. Users might have programmed it for auto play next Song only, but it makes more sense this way. Oh, but no preference please :slight_smile:

Good point.
So we should change it such that:

  • selecting a Song with Start Marker will locate transport to that marker
  • selecting first Part of that Song will also locate to Start Marker
  • selecting the Play item of the first Part will start transport at Start Marker
  • auto play next Song will start at Start Marker as it already does


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Dear @musicullum ,

For me that sounds (almost) awesome and handy for a possible improvement in any future release :sunglasses:
One thing I’m not sure about:

I’m not sure it’s necessary to touch that. First PART is ZERO-POS. If someone would like to start from StartMarker, can simply hit SONG. But that is only from my point of view, can’t think what is better to musicians willing/using PART navigation LIVE.

Not if Song has a Start Marker :slight_smile:

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:sweat_smile: you see, I told you, I can’t really judge that point! :sweat_smile:

Dear @musicullum , it’s working like charm, Thank you, thank you!
I think, all of us will love this in long term :slight_smile:
regards, F