1.3.22 ArtNet experiences / issues


It seems, but I would be very very happy if someone could crosscheck:

When recording to multiple tracks, set to different UNIVERSE’s, I can’t exclude that some kind of “crosstalk” (can) happen. Recorded 4 tracks, on different universes. One track has rendered cca3 times more events in qty, compared to it’s “mirror” universe’s content. ((137ch (4ch/pixel) / LED tube , Profilers are on separated universes…)). The one produced 2131kB for one uni, while that should be also around 550-750kB.

Can someone try out if some kind of “crosstalk” happens when recording multiple tracks/universes?

Second issue is that SONG with that qty of DMX events are struggling with load, start, stop, play… Application level freezes, stucking playhead, etc…

While Recording finally stopped to create content/event to DMX tracks from ArtNet input despite of incoming signal indication (while during rec. changing IN to mixer, playing with faders, back to ArtNet = recorded event. Start Recording again = nothing)

@Spork do you think there is anything to do with for next friday? I have some videos on my phone if they meight help troubleshooting.

… yes, please give me everything you have. PM?

See you

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