1.3.23 song loading/changing extremely slow


I have a weird issue, that is holding VSTLive near to freeze when selecting songs.
First: no issue with blank project!
But with “work project” Not only strugling when changing song, but even when playhead is reaching changing PART, playing holds a while :frowning:

Issue started with when I recorded DMX track into a song.
We can brobably narrow to projects are including DMX track.

I recorded a few videos, show the difference between different scenarios, meanwhile sent an archive a few days ago to @Spork , that meight be enough try what meight go on. Please let me know, what can I provide for troubleshooting.

UPDATE: issue begins with loading SONG with DMX tracks. Remains afterwards whatever happens (changing Setlist, etc…) but eliminates when restarting application loading a setlist/song w.o. DMX tracks and remains responsive until loading again a Song with DMX tracks.

Thank you, Felician

@fkalmus, we are still on the case. Please give us a little more time,

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Thank you very much! Please let me know if I can do anything to cooperate!