1.4.1 Audio Routing Problem

Firstly thank you for all the work you have put into VST Live and the excellent support.

In v1.4.0 I added a mixer bus to feed my IEMs, upgraded to 1.4.1 but still have the issue.

So in the mixer I have
Halion → Song bus
Mike in → Song bus
Hydrasynth-> Song Bus
Song Bus → Main out and a send to IEM Bus

Saved and reloaded. Now I have
Halion → Song Bus
Mike In → Main Out
Hydrasynth → Main out
Song bus → Main out and send to IEM
…and this has happened in all my songs.

Now I reset the buses to where they should be in the first song and all works as expected. When I switch to another song it’s routing now shows as to Song without me interfering but there is no audio in the Hydrasynth channel. If I switch that channel to Main and the back to Song it all works again - I have to do that for every song.

I have saved the project a number of times after resetting the buses but they always come back the same - output to Main.

Also if I delete the IEM bus the Song send for it is still there but now says it’s sending back to the song.

Thanks in advance

…and I think I’ve just worked it out. The audios that are playing up are from Global Stacks. Live lets me route them to a Song in the mixer, which I don’t think it should because that output is invalid in other songs. Live must also work out that the assignment is wrong during load and “helpfully” corrects it to Stereo Out.