[1.4.1] Crash while loading VST Plugins in Layers


I am trying to load an instance of Groove Agent in a new layer. When I select Groove Agent to be loaded in the layer, VST Live shuts down instantly.
I have noticed this is the case for other plugins such as Padshop…

Here are the details :

  • in an existing project or in a new project, I go to the Layer page
  • where it is written “Halion Sonic SE”, I click to select another plugin (Groove Agent, Padshop…)
  • VST Live shows the new plugin name instead of Halion Sonic SE and then shuts down immediatly

Would you help me please ?




can you please have a look if a Crash-Log was saved? The files are located here

macOS : /Users/Your_Username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports
windows : C:\Users\Your_Username\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps

Zip the files and attach them here.
Thank you,


Thanks for your quick answer.
I have just checked the CrashDumps folder, and VST Live have not created any report file.
I have just made a video showing the crash ( as it occurs at every time) but I cannot load it on this forums. How could I help you out ?



… you can send me the file to “m.spork (at) steinberg.de”.
… do you use Mac or Windows? Have you checked that your Groove Agent version is up-to-date? Which version are you running?


… thank you for your video, @FlyingMuffin. There, you are trying to load “Groove Agent SE”. “Groove Agent SE” is not part of the VST Live package and so it can not load it.
And you are right : Two Questions :

  1. Then why is it presented as a selectable in the list?
  2. Why is it crashing?

… we’ll analyse it. Sorry,

for reference. I can open it to Layer too furthermore remains stable (tryed quickly on mac), it seems legit

… I see. @FlyingMuffin, “Groove Agent SE” needs an active (!) Cubase license. When you run VST Live and you are opening “Groove Agent SE”, is your Cubase license in the “Steinberg Activation Manager” activated?


Hi Michael,

I checked my licenses, they are all activated. But as you mentioned the possible licensing issue, I uninstalled VST Live as well as all plugins (groove agent, padshop, etc…) and then reinstalled them all. It is actually working properly now :slight_smile:
What is strange is that the same plugins were totally working with Cubase and Dorico and all licenses were ok, so this is weird.
Do you think that by just [keeping updating all softwares] instead of [uninstalling old versions + install full new versions] would long term affect licensing configuration or connections between plugins and softwares ?

At last, I would have though that instead of crashing, VST Live should have mentionned the type of problem it encounters :slight_smile:

Many thanks Michael for your efficient support.


… excellent news!

No, licenses will be fine!

… that would be too easy. But seriously : A crash is a no go. And we need to find out why it happened. There was something there. I remember vaguely … all the installations (Dorico, Cubase …) did it installed a new Groove Agent SE version but did not uninstalled the old one. And VST Live probably loads the wrong one.

Can you please have a look if that file is available? And can you give it to me?
C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Live_64\Vst3Plugins.xml

See you,


Please find attached the requested file. Hope this can help.

We can see that VST Live is still a new product under continuous development. But honestly, when I compare the Steinberg development path / methodology you deploy for softwares like Dorico for example, I really look forward to use the future VST Live versions :slightly_smiling_face:
I am currently in the process of setting up a pop/rock band and preparing for shows, and it really relies on the use of VST Live, so I put a lot of hope on it !
I have a technical mindset and to me for these kind of projects and to me, for live performance, the most important is trust / confidence in the software, it’s got to be steady and reliable.

Last comment : such as the Dorico team for instance, it would be very helpful to continue publishing tutorials / demos / Live streams on VST Live. This would highlight the power of your software.and allow users to create projects more efficiently.

Good luck for the future developments :slightly_smiling_face:


Vst3Plugins.xml (130 KB)