1.4.11 Viewset has no function

A Viewset should store the states of windows, Zones, and other aspects of the user interface.
But loading a viewset does nothing.

Saving a new Viewset creates an XML file “.vlviewset” with a length of 1kB.
The only differences in content in all the created XML files is “nodeID=”…“”
All other parameters are always the same.
It seems that all informations about windows, zones, etc. are not stored in the .vlviewset file and there is no funtionallity using Viewsets.

will check!

Viewsets merely save the position (also with multiple screens) and size of “tear-off” windows, which can be opened using the arrow icon available in those views:


A viewset is also automatically saved with a project. Just saved and loaded a viewset into a new project, so it works as intented here:

Ok, thank you.
Then I missunderstood the functionallity.