[1.4.2] Activated Loop causes crash of VST Live

When Cycle is activated before the loop starts it causes a crash at the loop end point

When Cycle will be activated after the loop, there is a humming noise

Cannot play your videos (Firefox Windows), but unfortunately you are correct. Will fix asap, thanks for reporting!

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Thank you!

By the way. Out of curiosity, is there already a plan in which version it might be possible to repeat parts as long as the next part is triggered?

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We’re still working on it. Cannot tell a date yet, sorry.

@musicullum fyi, this one happens in version 1.4.11 again (at least on Mac).

will check!

Checked the code, nothing happens when cycle is activated outside the cycle range.
Is transport running? Which media are playing, audio, midi, dmx, video? What positions are cycle left and right set to, and at what position do you activate cycle? Metronome on? Any other hints? Try with a simple project (one audio track or so), still happening?

@musicullum yeah, just figured out that it happens when metronome is on.

Nothing else special, I have also tried with a new project. Happens when metronome is on.

Ok, found something with Metronome that might explain this. Pls try again next version, thanks.

@musicullum now the click sound isn’t sounding anymore when the cycle mode will be activated after the loop.

FYI, I am not using the click sound anymore as I need it in some special case. Use own click tracks. Sound should only appear at measure 2 and sometimes it should stop although the song is still playing. Will there be some possibilities in future to customize the click?

Hi! how you do this now? Via MIDI track or cut out particles from the audio-click mixdown?

I have created a Global layer with HALion Sonic in which I have placed a drum set in channel 1 which has 2 sounds that are good metronome sounds.
I am using MIDI tracks on each song with 1 measure which I can easily copy holding CMD + D on Mac (or CTRL + D on PC)

Cool!! Then that is really easy and fully customiable :wink:

@musicullum, this issue still happens on 1.4.51. When the cycle function will be activated after the loop, the click is not hearable.

Yes, sorry, we are on it.

We found the problem, and it will be fixed with the next update. Thanks for reporting!