[1.4.2] Midi note on & off reversed when using Virtual Midi?

I could only play for a few minutes today after updating to 1.4.2, but I noticed that midi note on & off reversed when using Virtual Midi. When not using the virtual midi buses, everything was fine. Anybody else having this issue?

Hi! I have some similar one regarding, but with Controller CC I’m controlling a GBL-Stack SEND level.
During play, its working reverse now somehow. When pausing then starting and midi chasing is involved, it goes to the right level. I meight be wrong, so didn’t want to create post about…

… we’ll analyse it. Thank you for reporting,

There is a problem when “Chase Events on Start” is off in preferences. Will be fixed with the next version, until then pls leave this activated.

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Still have the same issue with 1.4.4. Note on and off messages are reversed via virtual midi

This is the monitor directly on the midi device:

True and sorry, will fix asap.

Dear @musicullum , am I missing something, or similar probl here (Chasing MIDI events pref is active for me). Focus on my Ch1/Send3 level.

Thank you for looking through my settings in screen rec. I can’t see what I’m missing now)
(This is the thing I’m experiencecing a while and commented above in this thred)

Not quite sure what to see here. Send level is set when you stop/locate after the event, no?
But I’ll check once more anyway.

Sorry, this was fixed already :slight_smile:

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Not sure if it is the same problem, but since last update VL sends a program change to my helix everytime i hit the spacebar (start/stop) it switches to another preset randomly. i dont know what to do, at the moment i cannot use VL!

Check to see that no Layer has PGM CHG set. ctrl/click to reset to “NOT SET”, otherwise it will send the program change message set. Does this help? If not, check if any MIDI tracks contain program changes. You may also try if setting preferences/MIDI/Chase Events on Start makes a difference.

you saved my life!
there was the problem, now it works.
but i dont understand this button what does it make?
thank you , Andi

When it is on, chase events are sent on start but not when locating. Usually, you want your devices to be set to the tracks’ state at that position, when activated, this switch postpones chasing events until started.

Say you have programmed a MIDI pan all to the left at position 5.1.0, then when you locate to 9.1.0, you usually want the pan to be set all left. When this switch is on, it keeps whatever state it is in currently, and chases to “all left” when you start after 5.1.0.

Ok, i think i understand :smile:
(I dont know how i activated this)
Thank you again …