1.4.4 Dropped Notes?

Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing dropped notes in 1.4.4 when playing VSTs from a MIDI keyboard?
I can see notes I’m playing in the MIDI monitor but the odd one doesn’t sound. I’m doubtful that it’s a polyphony issue as it happens with different plugins - Have experimented with one plugin in standalone mode and it plays everything.

Same issue here. I’ve messaged them on a different thread. Same controllers with Cubase work perfectly fine.

Thanks Andy - I missed that one: VST Live 1.4.4 Pre-Release VST Live

Been pulling my hair out trying to diagnose my controllers and wireless midi to eventually conclude they’re not at fault.

… I am really sorry. Please do not forget. It’s a Pre-Release and we are doing our really best to release a good version, but sometimes it does not work. We already fixed something in the MIDI engine, that might be connected to your problems. Could you please jump back to VST Live version 1.4.0? Better? 1.4.1? Better? I think the problems started with 1.4.2 …


Will do. Thanks for the quick response.

Yup 1.4.1 doesn’t drop any notes- thanks again