1.4.42 sets back generic asio at each program start

Every time it sets back to me to Generic Low Latency regardless my USB-C sound device is uninterrupted connected to my Windows laptop

Anyone else with this?

Not on at least 4 systems.
What model is your audio interface?

Thank you for reply and quick checking @musicullum!

Still the *** Audient Evo 8 :sweat_smile:
I will shoot a small vid tomorrow morning, maybe we will find out what meight happened.

Hi @musicullum

I did a screen rec, that meight show you any sign, what am I missing. Regardless of project (does the same with new/blank project also). Already did a complete “Clear User Data”. (for reference crosscheck: Cubase12pro keeps last selected EVO8 ASIO)

Sound device (Audient EVO8) is continously connected.

any idea is appreciated :slight_smile:

a) it is not recommended to open audio device panel during loading of any application using it. The device sends a reset request to the host when you change something, or close the panel, and if that happens during initialization, anything could happen. Yes, it should not, but I wouldn’t trust any audio program whatsoever to survivce this under all circumstances.

b) where is the hub?? Without the hub, I don’t understand what you are doing, because it also shows the active audio device.

I did it to you only, showing the EVO8 is present continously

What are you missing exactly?

Opening VSTL,

  • VSTL is initialising Generic Low Latency ASIO
  • selecting audio device: Audient ASIO
  • (saving… no need but…)
  • closing VSTL (waiting until VSTL disappears from taskmanager)
  • opening VSTL again
  • you will see, it immediately re-initialising Generic Low Latency ASIO
  • again: audio dev / change to Audient ASIO
  • closing VSTL
  • opening VSTL
  • again, an again, it resets back to Generic Low Latency ASIO to me.

That wasn’t an issue before 1.4.2, So I wrote and added a screen rec also that meight help all of us to figure out. Shall I re-record w.o. autoload that meight show HUB in each app start?

To be honest I didn’t even know that was possible :slight_smile:
You might try without autoload, does it make a difference? If not, no need to re-record a video, thanks!

You meight spent massive hours for this great future and I use it like this from it’s existence:

No, unfortunately doesn’t makes any difference. It just sets back (visible same “sets back to generic asio” in HUB). //Have screen rec just in case//

Hi @fkalmus,

I have a EVO8, too. But I can do what I want : I am not able to reproduce your problem. I am running EVO 8 with
EVO Application Version : 4.3.17
EV08 Firmware : 1.4.10
… you, too?

Can you please find the following file and give it to us?
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Live.ini


Hi @Spork , I started to worry about something:
I have EVO v.4.3.18 (FW: 1.4.10) and don’t have prev installer. I will try to look in my incr. backups. Will get back.

pfffffff… found prev EVO drv in a backup and restored evo app v. 4.3.16 installer.

BINGO! It seems EVO 4.3.18 is conflicting with VSTL’s config somehow (cubase is okay with, really no sign of any problem).

Thank you for your test run and response!