1.4.51 Song Groups Error

Ok I thought it was working - until today…

No sound output from Song Group after project load except for the song that was active when project was saved - and that Song Group goes silent after switching to another song.

Hi @CliveJ,

I’ve tried to reproduce it

  1. Start VL
  2. HS is loaded to a default Part_1|Layer_1
  3. Select Mixer and add a “Song Group”
  4. Route HS (Layer_1) to “Song Group”
  5. Add a new Song_2
  6. Save it, Close VL
  7. Start VL, Load Project
  8. Song_2 is selected
  9. Select Song_1 and HS is playable with Sound

What am I missing? Maybe your “Song Channel” is routed to an Output which is not connected to a Hardware port?

See you,

I route the Song Group into the Song mix track. Have to switch it to another output and then back again to make it work again.

… I’ll send you the project file…

Should also mention that I removed the Song Group and recreated it - same issue.

… We have found the problems. Here they are

Bug #1 : The channel-icon of the “Keyboard” channel is wrong. VST Live uses the “Global Group” icon for “Song Group” channel after reloading project
Bug #2: VST Live can not restore “Song Group” routing, when a “Song Group” was routed to the “Song” Bus.

Both bugs are fixed now and will be added to the next Pre-Release.

See you,

Couldn’t ask for better support - you guys rock!

Many thanks to you and the team