[1.4.52] Mute state that propagates through Group channels

Hi team,

with version 1.4.52 of VL I believe an unwanted behavior has been introduced regarding the Mute button of the Mixer channels when these channels are connected to a Group channel.

Very simply, consider the small example project:

MuteOnOffTest.vlprj (15.0 KB)

At its opening the project presents itself:

If you enable the Mute button of a Group channel, for example TRK1, you will notice that the Group channel called STUDIO also goes into the Mute state, practically involuntarily silencing all the channels that are grouped together by it:

Thanking you in advance, I await your feedback.

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… yes, thank you. It’s a side-effect while fixed the solo states. We’ll check.



… fixed.



Hi @Spork,

I confirm that in version 1.4.53 the issue seems to be resolved. :slight_smile:

Thank you! :blush: