[1.4.52] Timeline bugs

Noticing a couple of strange behaviors in the Tracks view:

  • Copying multiple clips on the same track will paste them all stacked at the cursor position. Tested with midi and audio.

  • Clips positions seem to disconnect from the timeline when scrolling and zooming:

New project > new midi track > draw 1 measure clip.


Scroll timeline forward (eg measure 10); zoom out then zoom in. Now the clip appears at the wrong location in the timeline.


Scrolling again fixes the issue.

  • Horizontal zoom rate when using the slider or the mouse wheel seems off - it is very fine on closeup but jumps too much once more than a few measures are in view (from 50 to 100 to 350 in a range or 3 pixels on the zoom slider).

  • Moving the timeline cursor forward in time is very difficult when 'Stationary Cursor" is set to off - once the cursor approaches the edge of the view, it quickly jumps to the end (measure 450). I am on a 3 screens setup and noticed that sometimes the issue is exacerbated when I open the tracks view on a different monitor. Having the ‘right zone’ open or closed also seems to influence the behavior. A smooth, precision scrubbing speed control would be very useful.

… yes, I can reproduce that one. It will ne fixed.

… but I cannot reproduce that one. Which version of VST Live are you running? Version 1.4.52? Maybe you can create a small video? Then I can see what exactly you are doing?