[1.4.60] Freeze during Preoload Parts

Hi there! It’s been crashing randomly for three days. stays stuck on this screen, always on this song. It happens randomly, sometimes it loads, sometimes it doesn’t. Is there any way to solve it?

First, you should locate whatever “Nashira Intro” is, it appears to stumble there. Check all plugins used in that Part or Layer etc, maybe for testing, remove some to narrow it.

Then, “Preload Parts” mimicks manual selection of each Part. Try to disable preload, load the project and manually select each Part. Does it crash at the same instance? Your Playlist has all Songs collapsed so we cannot see which Parts it contains.

If all else fails, you may send us the project (just the .vlprj file, no audio etc needed) so we can try if we find something.

I’m not so sure, but I think I stopped the automatic preload and manually loaded every songs and parts, and it still crashes on the same song Nashira. It has no layers.
Here the link with the file vlprj

… and can you please check if a crash log was created?

macOS : /Users/Your_Username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports
windows : C:\Users\Your_Username\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps

Please attach the logs, Thank you,

There is no crash log, because it’s not a crash, but a freeze.
Looking at it right now.

It is helpful if users distinguish between a crash (like program suddenly closes, or vanishes altogether), and a freeze, or hang (program still visible but doesn’t react anymore), thanks.

There is an endless loop in your project, we are examining it and will get back to you.

It appears to not “like” those short event snippets at bar 60, probably mostly on the “Orchstra” track. Seems to be a bug, but it’s hard to find, as it looks like it only happens very rarely (first time it did, then never again). Anyway, for you to continue, when you manage to open the Song, try to get rid of those, it might help. We continue to investigate.

It is helpful if users distinguish between a crash (like program suddenly closes, or vanishes altogether), and a freeze, or hang (program still visible but doesn’t react anymore), thanks.

Sure, I will keep in mind. I wasn’t sure of the right meaning in English

try to get rid of those, it might help.

Affter several attemps I was able to open the song without freezing and as you told at bar 60 I’ve found many shorts events (they were there for a mistake by the way!)

I removed all the shorts events, from the “Click Audio” track too. Some of them, in the “Orchestra” track were overlapping, 2-3 events on the same place (it’s impossible to notice from the track when and how many events are overlapped, only when you delete the event you notice that there is something below).

Now the things are going better, I’m testing the project by 3 hours and seems it works fine, only one time it freezed again, during the loading project, I don’t know if it’s connected. I made a screenshot.

Here the new vlprj file if t’s necessary

Many thanks for your prompt help ! :pray:

I checked your project. The debugger “stumbles” at Song “Your Name” and MIDI Track “VoiceLive”. It doesn’t find the output. While that is to be expected, as I don’t have your devices connected, there appears to be an obstacle there. We don’t see a reason why it should crash, but if you can open it, you may want to try to re-assign the MIDI Output of that track (presumably, studiologic?), set it to <nc>, then back to where you want it to go, and save the project with a new name.

I suspect that this project has been created a long time ago, correct? Thanks for sharing, this always helps us, and other users as well.

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ok, I’ll follow your advice.
I created the project last summer, I used it for many concerts and is still in working progress, 'cause in this period I would like to program all the effects, using MIDI connections. Usually I edit the prioject in my studio where I don’t have all the MIDI interfaces that I use on stage/rehearsals

Still freezing issues: this time at the contrary, if I don’t preload parts when the song “Your Name” is selected VstLive is frozen. If I use the option “Preload” from the menu same behavior. If I use the option “Preload parts” seems to work.
New thing that I’m doing is using UAD plugins in global stacks, with midi automation tracks in every song

The project file:

Thanks for the project, still cannot reproduce. If you remove the global Stack, will it still freeze?
And: are you using UAD, or UADx plugins (or both) in the Stack?
Also, still getting the error mentioned above, did you reset the MIDI track “VoiceLive” output before saving this project?

I use for now only UAD plugins, not UADx. By the way I removed the globalStack, and It still freezes. As you told is connected with the VoiceLive track/Midi interface.
This is how I map the VoiceLive midi Track

I made some test:

1)Without Voicelive Midi Track → no more freeze
2)with this Midi Connection , NO MORE freeze! (so weird)

3) with this midi connection still freeze!

So I suppose that when the Midi interface Voicelive is correctly connected It freezes
VoiceLive Gtx it’s a Multieffects with his own USB(midi) connection. As you can notice it’s automatically reconignized as MME Midi: VoiceLive Play GTX

Does the Studiologic feature a MIDI out? If so, you could try that as well?
Looks to me as though the VoiceLive MIDI Output is causing the problem.
A quick search reveals several possibilities, like not good in connection with other MIDI devices, try different USB port etc. Good luck in any case.