[1.4.63] Actions and shortcuts unresponsive after MIDI device change

This issue has been on quite long time, not only in 1.4.63.

It seems that when you change MIDI device in Devices → Connections, the mapped controllers’ MIDI In device does not update in Actions and shortcuts.

Here’s how to reproduce:

  1. Devices → Connections: Set up a MIDI input device, lets call it MIDI IN 1 here
  2. Devices → Actions and shortcuts: Learn some midi controller into any action, verify that it functions correctly and MIDI In is assigned as MIDI IN 1
  3. Now go back to Devices → Connections and change MIDI IN 1 device to any other, like some virtual midi device.
  4. Now the midi controller assigned in step 2 shouldnt work, as the MIDI IN 1 device has changed, right? Check it out… you see it still works but it shouldnt.
  5. Go back to Devices → Actions and shortcuts, and re-choose the MIDI IN 1 as MIDI In -device, even it seems to be already active
  6. Check the functionality of MIDI controller assigned in step 2 again → it has stopped working as it should be.
  7. Do as in step 1 and use the same MIDI device as done in step 1 in the beginning
  8. Check if the controller assigned in step 2 works? It doesnt but it should?
  9. Do step 5 and verify the controller works.

A fix is needed that updates MIDI device data in Actions and shortcuts every time when a MIDI device is assigned in Devices → Connections.

Correct, will be fixed with the next version. Thanks for reporting!