[1.4.63] Kontakt 7 multi not preloading properly

I have a custom multi downloaded from internet.

VSTlive won’t ever preload it nicely when opening the project.
(VSTlive also take long time to even preload that string layer)
The preloaded sound of the Kontakt 7 VST instrument is not nicer, then i go and open Kontakt 7 and double click the multi and reload it in Kontakt 7 and then its sound gets updated in VSTLive and plays in its beauty…

Also noticed, when going to another song and when coming back to the Kontakt VST string, some layer (or sound) is lost in the strings and I need to reload it to get it back.

From here I open the VST and reload the multi

I double click the marked multi and get it reloaded, so it plays in its full beauty.

… that’s very strange.

… can I download it, too? Then we could analyse it.


Ultimate Pro Oriental Strings Arabic Turkish Indian.rar - Google Drive

It appears that Kontakt has a load time issue currently being investigated.

were you able to set it up? Were you able to see the issue am facing?

… sorry, @tmat, for my delay. It’s on my list.

I deleted the NI string layer from VST live and adding it on a new layer and since then the string instrument from NI is loading correctly.