1.4.63 suggestion (bug?) on lyrics page

Currently the vertical scroll bar on the lyrics page is not what I would expect. I would expect that when I scroll down to the bottom of the range with that scroll bar that I would get to the end of the song. (instead of measure 43773 - or something so large that it is completely unusable.) Thanks - ew

… hm, @ericwentz, so far I cannot reproduce it.

  1. Start VL, New Project
  2. Select TRACKS, Move Horizontal Scrollbar to the end. End is at Bar 450
  3. Select LYRICS and Create Lyric Track
  4. Move Vertical Scrollbar to end. End is at Bar 450

So, the length of both views should have the same length. How can I reproduce your one?

See you,

Hi Michael,

Here’s what I do to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start with a Cubase 13 project and use the VL Export function
  2. Start VL and import the project
  3. Select TRACKS and move the Horizontal Scrollbar to the end. It is at Bar 131.
  4. Select LYRICS and move the scroll bar to the end. The end is around 450. - some other songs, it winds up in the thousands.

I believe the key here is that the project originated in Cubase - I’ll PM you a link with a project that demonstrates the issue.

I´m thinking about it: I guess that each song should have a time or bar end (as in Cubase you can set the song lenght) so that the Track ot Lyric view only scrolls to that point.
So the Scroll bars move more efficiently.
Is there a way to do that?