[1.4.7] dmx workflow

DMX Workflow Request:

DMX Track Edition View:

  • Been able to Label each channel with the function of the ficture been edited. (Ex, 1- Dimm, 2-Red, 3- Strobe, etc).

*Limit the view to only the channels used by the DMS Track selected

  • Edititing area:
    1- Make the edition área bigger…
    2- Show the data of the currently selected channel



Hi @vsosa1314,

Thank you for your ideas!

… we are already busy working on that topic. Just give us some more time.

… yes, good thinking!

… yes, good one, too. The MIDI Editor also needs it.

… but I’m lost here. In your “screenshot” channel #4 is select. If you would select channel #1 als the data will be visible in the lower area. Ready to edit. No?


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Woooops, you’re right. I must have been doing something wrong

Thanks Michael

Hi @Spork ,

We need this also for midi editor, view only the midi note used.

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… sure :slight_smile:


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