[1.4.7] Mute and Solo buttons are acting weirdly

When i opened a project, i see the global layers are muted…

When i click the M button, S gets enabled and vise versa. I don’t see a way to completely remove the Mute state or Solo state.


select the MIXER view. It contains a global Mute/Solo control. Push the Solo to reset the solo states.

And could you please give me your “*.vlprj” file? I want to analyse the routing and why you have such a behaviour with your project.

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I saw both the M and S was highlighted in the mixer view, i clicked it and both highlight was removed, but in some parts the M and S was highlighted, so i removed it and saved it and reopened the project and I don’t see the issue…
Thank you

Test2.zip (3.6 MB)
The .vlprj file is attached.
Am now seeing again the M and S button is getting auto switched ON in the middle of playing…

In this project I have cycle enabled to play a drum midi loop. Hit play and try to play the keyboard, you can see the parts switching between the “Strings” and “Piano and Bass” part, i think this issue started when I added Select Part as shown in the image.

Your Song has a set of contradicting Part commands. Cycle starts at bar 3, so do the first 2 of the Part Triggers, which doesn’t appear to make much sense. Go to Songs/Song Part Triggers and remove both, or at least one of them, better?