[1.4.8] zone not showing in global issue

I have 3 parts in Global part

I click on the zone in the global part and in the dropdown I don’t see the 3 part.
Its only showing the Strings part (which is in the song).

You can see one of the global part is shown in the zone, but not in the dropdown to switch between them.

Click on the “Piano and Bass” part in 1st song when the Global part is selected.
The left part is getting removed from the zone.

Attaching the project.
Test2.zip (3.6 MB)

You are correct, keyzone edit gets confused when the GLobal Part is selected. Will be fixed with the next version, thanks for reporting!

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This was working on 1.4.4 version on which the project was first created.
One of the recent releases broke this old functionality.

pls try again with the next version and let us know if it works for you, thanks!