I downloaded version 14.8.1 and would like to report the following problem:

I use MIDI tracks to control a global stack via Quickcontrols (VST plugin) via CC data. When I click on this MIDI track to edit the various CC controllers, the written data does not appear in the track (e.g. CC20). I first have to select another one, for example CC21, and then go back to CC20 to view and edit the data. It would be good if the data were immediately visible and editable.

In Cubase you can edit the CC tracks better and easier. Perhaps it is possible to also use this functionality in VST Live?

… it sounds like an update problem. Here are our steps

  1. Start VL
  2. Select TRACKS
  3. Add an MIDI Track
  4. Create a clip from 2.1 to 3.1
  5. Double click to the clip to open the MIDI Editor in the lower zone
  6. Select CC20
  7. Add some controller event to it
  8. Select the MIXER Tab in the lower zone
  9. Select the MIDI Tab in the lower zone

The MIDI Editor shows CC20 but no events are visible. You need to select CC21 and then CC20 to show the events.

That’s fixed now and will be ready with the next update. Is that your problem, too?


Thank you for the fast reaction.

That is exactly the problem described. Glad it will be addressed in one of the next updates.

One quick question: (My mistake or another bug?)
I control a STACK with a MIDI track. MUTE should be triggered there via (Button, Note ON C-2). That works too. Actually, MUTE should be switched off again with another command (Note ON C-2). Thats not OK. I can’t create another action (Button OFF with Actions and Shortcuts) because MUTE is already occupied. What am I doing wrong?


As you use the same command to turn on/off, use toggle instead of button.