1/4 note tab bends

Struggling to find out how to notate 1/4 note bends on the tab stave. I’m notating a lot of blues solos at the moment and they are full of microtonal bends.Thanks.

You’ll need to be using a 24-EDO tonality system in order to write quarter-tones. See this quick tip for how to change the tonality system.

Okay. So I can select this as the default tonality system for all my projects without any adverse effects? Historically, I have simply clicked on the note and selected 1/4 bend. How do I notate it (on either stave) so that it doesn’t involve any other notes?

You can’t easily make this the default for all new projects, but when you add your key signature at the start of each new project, just make sure you have the 24-EDO tonality system selected.

This seems quite a complicated way of doing things to my mind. I think that the jazz articulations are easier to apply. The short doit bend works well for me except in the following instance where it introduces the tie despite it being switched off in the engrave > tablature options. Attachment 1. shows a normal doit bend and 2. shows the tie being shown. The tie wasn’t present before I added the bend. Any ideas?

Also, is it possible to apply a key command to specific jazz articulations?

It is possible, but requires you to work into your user’s keycommand json file. There’s been a thread today where both Leo and Daniel explained how to do that…
If you happen to own StreamDeck or StreamDeck XL, the excellent NotationExpress from Scoring Notes has many of those articulations already programmed.