1/4 tones not available

I’m trying to write an orchestral score. I choose one in the orchestral templates.
In the “tonality” tool, I choose “quarter tones” (which I already used in other scores) and the succession of alterations is correctly shown under.
But at the time I double click in a measure, to start writing some notes, the tonality switches automatically on “temperated scale”, and even if a choose again “quarter tones scale”, the quarter tones don’t appear on the score when I type them.
It must be a fixed choice made in the original template, but I would like to change it.
How must I do?


Same issues for me. And thanks jesel for the thread link. Will update the output.

Did you read the link that jesele posted above?

The point is, you have to define a key signature that uses quarter tones, to tell Dorico what tonality system you are using.

The key signature can be “atonal,” which doesn’t show any accidentals in the score, but you still need to create it.