1.5 Content update and 1.5.2 player update


I have already asked this via email but since I’m still waiting on an answer, I guess it can’t hurt to ask here:

I got a new machine and installed HalionSonic from the original DVD (1.0) with the content on a dedicated HDD. I want to upgrade but 1.5 content update will not allow me to install on any drive other than MacHD.

Steinberg Support USA suggested that I would have to install on MacHD and then manually move the content to the dedicated hdd, but haven’t told me what to move and where I will find it.

Now, if this content really adds value, I’m willing to jump thru a few hoops to make it happen, so please let me know.

Alternatively, can I upgrade from 1.0 to 1.5.2 and skip the content update? Not that I want to, but if it won’t play so be it.

My system:

'09 MacPro 2.66GHz(W3520)-12GB RAM- OSX 10.6.8 - Cubase 5.5.3

I just got word from Steinberg USA that the 1.5 content update can not be moved manually. In fact, to update I’d have to move the previously installed content (ie. 1.0) back to the MacHD. Shucks.

Guess I’ll do the 1.5.2 update and miss out on the 1.5 content.

A quick follow-up:

So I did the upgrade to 1.5.2 and skipped the 1.5 content. Here is hoping that Steinberg will resolve this and let us have this content soon.