1.5 update as a .man file?

So I completed the download and it is a .man file.

Size 1.16 gig


What should I do to use and install this update? Windows 8.1

thank you

I’m guessing I place it somewhere as its not a program file?

this is ridiculous! wtf why is it a .man file? lol

Perhap you need to find the corresponding .woman file, run them both and let them have at it :laughing:
Have you tried executing it? Perhaps you need to run it from within Halion.

Ok I figured it out. I don’t know why it downloaded it as a .man file but the trick is to modify it to a .msp first then click to install.

You’d think they might mention that on the download page especially if they can’t provide the file with the correct suffix.
I checked and the download link specifically shows that a .man file will be downloaded.

exactly Bri!

The only way I figured it out was to go to my mac side and look at the download there which DL as a .msp