1.7 bug

I’ve got an problem with the new version of cubasis - when try to record midi notes using the keyboard on a midi controller app like Thumbjam or Midi Studio, I’m getting loads of stuck notes and horrible things :confused: Anyone got this problem? It used to work fine!

I have another bug and now i start to get really pissed about this app.I really really appreciate the beautiful IAA integration but whenever cubasis gets a new update it also will get some new bugs.In this case whenever i touch or select a track (how is it called?Track header?)i get a lot of popups where i can set the midi output ports (it can be up to 5-10 popups for one touch and it doesnt matter if i touch a midi or audiotrack!).It’s superannoying and make it nearly impossible for me to work with it in a"relaxed"way.

And one more:Cubasis often"crackles/jumps"when the playhead reaches a ne strophe or so while i touch something on the screen or move a fader.This does happen on most of my saved projects now while i had no problems before 1.7.
I also tried to set the latency to 512 (via Audiobus)but it makes no difference.

Thanks for your attention

edit:i opened all my songs now and the problems with the popups is not in everyone.So at least i can work on.


If you could send us the exact step-by-step way to get the errors it would be very helpful.

Hey there, first post for me on this board.

Firstly, love the app, easily my favourite daw to work with on iOS platform.

Unfortunately at the weekend I saw the update available and decided to install the iOS 7 firmware purely as IAA seemed like a god send for apps to talk to each other. Gotta be honest, massively regretting the decision now for the reasons posted by “crabman”

I am also having massive glitches with opening certain project files to find half of my tracks are unusable, I’m not exaggerating either. Started a new project, laid a drum track down pasted from iMPC, looped on a 16, routed sunrizer in using AB, recorded midi events to control sunrizer (literally 3 channels being used) and for some reason after bouncing the synth from midi my original drum track changed into something quite different?? Totally out the blue changed the waveform, not even a rehashed version of my original drum track, just some random wav file???
Also huge lagging issues, crackling, distortion, just generally very buggy glitches?

Please help us out with a bug fix, I’ve been promoting your software to students for a while now, latest lesson was all about iOS being a genuine tool for production in the future (as it is already) and I looked a little foolish with cubasis giving me the issues I have listed above.

I’m running an iPad2 64GB on 7.03, hope this is of some help :wink:

I may have also found a bug!

I am using Cubasis on my iPad2 (32gb) and recently I have noticed a couple of odd things:

  1. When I save a project, the filesize is much larger than I would expect and when I open it in Audio Mastering and look at the Waveform I can see lots of empty space at the end of it (this has happened on 3 different projects now, all created from an empty template. It even happens when I freeze a midi track. Once it has frozen the track length has increased with lots of emptiness (my latest 140 bar tune frozen tracks extended the length to 358 bars!)

  2. I used some low key kick drums from my midi keyboard (below C1), triggering the AM Pop kit in Cubasis but when I went to the midi edit screen/piano roll, I could not get the screen to scroll down below C1 to C0 so I had to transpose the track up an octave in order to edit my notes and then transpose it back down again!

Anyone else seen these things?

EDIT: Here is a dropbox link to a simple 4-bar project with a midi drum track, played from Cubasis pads but I still can’t scroll below C1 on the Midi Edit screen.
Also, I imagine the extra length of the frozen track is to capture any fx trail but if you mixdown and export to Audioshare or Audio Mastering and look at the waveform you will see the amount of empty space at the end of the track is even longer and the amount of extra space increases with the length of the actual track.

Hi I’m the person who posted the first post. It should be easy to replicate just try recording some midi and route it through cubasis using thumbjab or midi studio as the keyboard.

I’m also getting the bug that crabman mentions where when selecting the midi source the pop ups won’t pop back, also some apps won’t select even though their name appears. very frustrating.

Is there away to go back to a previous version of Cubasis?

I did Nothing special,i just opened different songs and clicked…somewhere.I made a small video,that says more than thousand words.BUT:its hard to reproduce,the bug disappears in one song but shows up in another instead.But happens quite often,it shouldnt hard to find.

As for the shifting timing of Audiofiles:it happens often in a little bigger projects but i have currently not time to track it down.Probably i can make a demo/video when i`m back again next week.

AND another new bug:The 1.7 updates whiped all the instruments"Attack/Release"values in my songs and set them to default again :neutral_face:
Midi Port fail.zip (1.74 MB)

Could you please send us the exact step-by-step reproduction of the error?
What kind of Midi-track did you freeze and what instrument did you use?
Also, please send us a test project where you get such errors to be able to investigate the problem.

@Kidzley & Crabman
Did you read the text “Limitations of IAA”? Please close all apps as it is written there and try again.


I did add a dropbox link to a small project, in my post above, where I froze a midi track (that was using AM Pop Kit 2) and the frozen audio track is longer than the midi track. Only slightly longer so it may be due to an FX trail in this case. However, the main problem I now have is that when I do a mixdown of a longer project, the filesize is much bigger than it used to be because of a lot of extra space at the end, which I can see when I view the wave in e.g. Audioshare. There do not appear to be any orphaned audio/midi clips at higher bar numbers that might be expected to cause this.
Here is a link to a larger project, which contains the wav created by the mixodown that I re-imported into Cubasis so you can see all the empty space at the end of it (plus a screenshot showing the project).

Update: The larger mixdown size (and extra space in the wave) even occurs when I set the region markers at start and end of the project and select to mixdown the region between the markers!

The problem with editing a midi drum track below C1 seems to be related to the note range playable from the pads or keyboard in Cubasis. The lowest note of the keyboard range for AM Pop Kit is C1 in Cubasis. So even though I can play notes down to C0 from my midi keyboard I can’t edit those lower notes in Cubasis.

To re-create that issue:

  1. Connect a midi keyboard to an iPad running Cubasis, using camera connection kit or other midi interface.
  2. Create a midi track and select AM Pop Kit 2
  3. Play and record notes on the midi keyboard that correspond to notes in the drumkit, down to C1 and then further, down to C0 (you should hear lower pitch kick drums)
  4. Now try to edit the midi notes you played that are below C1
    Note: if you bring up the Cubasis keyboard you can see the playable note range in Cubasis only goes as low as C1.


In line with original posters bug (this shouldn’t become a thread for random bugs people… It would be great if we could keep on topic)

Yes I have significant hanging midi notes and crashing cubasis 1.7 on 7.0.4 iOS. This didn’t used to be an issue and seems more problematic when multiple notes played simultaneously.

Step by step recreation would be

Blank session
New midi track with midi in all inputs and all channels
Leave on piano or select any basic midi instrument
Open chordion and set to midi send
Play chordion… Notes received… Piano sounds but within about 10 notes… Hanging midi notes start… Happens on multiple chords… Cue cacophony
Can be stopped by midi panic button
If I try to record the midi notes cubasis crashes and reboots when I move from chordion to cubasis to stop the record function.

This renders the entire app pretty unusable at the moment.

Yes i know the limitations but that has nothing to do with the shifting audiofiles (that happened before 1.7 as well) nor with the Pop up windows (did you see the video?).The Problem in the video happens when i just open cubasis and in none of the songs i open is IAA active.To me it’s obvious that something is buggy with your new midi popup window.