1.9: Add MIDI file import and MIDI Clock


Suggestions for the next update. Please add MIDI file import. It would be so great to import MIDI files from my DAW.

Also, the ability to slave to MIDI clock. I’d rather use my Tempest drum machine as the master clock for live performance.


thanks for your suggestions… what MIDI import possibility you wish to see beside the one we already offer?

Cubasis is capable of reading both format 0 and format 1 MIDI files.


I wonder if the poor state of MIDI I/ O in iOS makes attempting to implement a reliable MIDI sync input just too hard in Cubasis. There’s so many apps which implement sync out I can’t imagine all the support issues there would be if Cubasis didn’t sync to them all perfectly !

I feel your need though!

We really need someone to wrangle a better MIDI routing system for the whole iOS… But I don’t know if that’s even
Possible if you’re not Apple.

Hi ltf3,

please describe more precisely what you’re after (feel free to come up with a usecase if helpful).
As Ricky already replied, Cubasis provides both MIDI file (import and export) and MIDI clock support.



I think the original poster was requesting that cubasis sync to incoming MIDI clock. At the moment it only sends MIDI clock. Correct?
I’d like this specifically to have CB sync to Noatikil and record its MIDI output in time with the cubasis tempo grid so editing is easier. Noatikil only generates MIDI clock too. Like I said making an App reliably stay in sync with another is harder than just sending MIDI clock messages No?

Hi Lee,

…At the moment it only sends MIDI clock. Correct?


…Noatikil only generates MIDI clock too.

So, midi clock between Noatkil does not work with cubasis.
Cubasis must be the master in an midi clock setup.

best jan