1.9 breaks 3rd party IAA effects

It’s almost like a cheap Hollywood scenario… :wink:
But I can’t believe Steinberg did this on purpose and it’s just a nasty bug.

Cubasis 1.8.3 allowed us to use third party Inter-App Audio effects like Turnado and the AUFX: series.

After the 1.9 update I was no longer able to use the 3rd party effects consistently!
Every time I use IAA effects, it won’t load, load but does not have effect or works for a short while and stops working.

So, until this is fixed I’ll go back to 1.8.3

I already posted it in another thread but it is interesting for you as well:

I tried multiple (IAA) fx now:the AUFX series,the Holderness stuff,Level.24,Turnado,Effectrix and even DFX which is still a bit shaky.I had zero problems.Also freezing/unfreezing,everything worked.DFX needed a second try before it worked though.

I did NOT try all at once or in combination with multiple synths.That is not the way i work anyway.To keep things stable and easy reproducible.

And I did no longer running tests.

Hi MarcelX,

3rd party IAA effects works here as insert and send effects in cubasis 1.9 + iOS 8.1.3. in midi & audio tracks.

  1. create audio and midi track
  2. open insert audio or midi effects and select Inter App audio
    Result : Effect Apps list appears
  3. select AUFX:Dub, AUFFX:PeakQ, AUFX:Space, or Turnado
    Result : IAA Effects are loading, processing and works as expected, also as send effect

Please send us an detailed step by step description for an repro.
if it is not working please close IAA manually and load again.


I can confirm Turnado is NOT working anymore (insert.It works just a very short time,until i start to tweak parameter.

So,i have to test the others again and run and tweak them a little longer.I would recommend to the development team to do the same :wink:

Hi Grabman,

<I can confirm Turnado is NOT working anymore (insert.It works just a very short time,until i start to tweak parameter.

Sorry, could not confirm, Turnado is working here as insert plug-in, tweak it for 3 min during playback.

Please, for fast QA - Dev feedback and find Bugs and fixing etc. send us an detailed step by step description.

<until i start to tweak parameter.

maybe i’ll tweak some parameters they are working and it’s different to you.

best jan