1 Cubase Session on 2 seperate computers workflow question

Im pretty new here so sorry if this queston has been asked before but I couldnt find anything related to it so far through the search function.
At the moment Im using cubase pro 12 on two seperate computers, first, the main computer with the full session, all VST plugins and what will end up being the final session of a song and one laptop downstairs with another interface and cubase 12 to be able to record my vocals in the basement.

At the moment, my workflow is as follows:
writing and arranging the music in the main session using the computer upstairs, then I bounce a part of that session to wav, putting it on a hard drive, go downstairs to record the vocals in a seperate session using the bounced backing track from the main session. As soon as im done for the day I put the vocal recording session that I took downstairs on an external hard drive again, bring it upstairs, open both the main and the recently recorded vocal session and manually drag the vocals from the vocal recording session into the main session. Is there any other way to make this workflow more productive? syncing the sessions between two computers so that I can record INTO the original sesssion using the laptop from the basement or something similar? Total noobie here so sorry if thats a naive question but any help that would make the workflow a little less cumbersome? Thanks in advance

The simple solution, similar to your current workflow: you just copy the whole cubase project folder onto the hard drive and then copy that to the target computer (if there is a project folder of the same name already there, delete that first or to be safe, rename it).
If you have different audio interfaces on your two computers, you might find it worth saving a preset for the inputs in the “Audio connections” dialog (if you don’t use control room, for the outputs, too), so you can easily switch between the different interfaces and still have the correct configuration in Cubase.

The more complex solution would involve getting some kind of NAS and a software for syncing the data, or syncing via network directly between your two computers, but that requires a bit more setup.

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Check: Vst connect, Vst transit.

But import from project is generally easier than dragging vocals and manually place them.
Workflow: >bounce stereo wave instrumental>make project on recording computer and set correct tempo>when you finish with recording save project and go to your working computer and just go to “import from project” from the file menu. Also to make things more sleek you can connect both computers via network cable so you don’t need to carry your external HDD.

Do you have the possibility to connect the two machine via a network connection in your house? You could then use the drive on one computer in a session on the other computer. Or you could share your project files via a cloud drive. I’m sharing my Cubase and Dorico projects on all my (Apple) computers via my icloud drive. In case your cloud drive space is limited you could use it just for the projects you are currently working on. It works great in my case and I got rid of all the bouncing and carrying around hard drives stuff.

I’ll second the suggestion of getting a NAS. It makes file sharing super easy, and you’re not having to rely on a cloud provider (and Internet connectivity/speeds) to share your projects since it’s all on your local network. I personally use a Synology NAS, and GoodSync for file synchronization, and it works like a charm!

Thanks for all the kind replies, it seems getting a NAS and connecting both PCs will be the best solution then. And thanks @Timo00 for the reference I will check out Synology and GoodSync.
@User131231 Thanks, that makes things already easier, Ive never used it but tried it today and helps alot, not any extra work since for the vocal recording I have to create sessions with the same tempo as the main session anyways.

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