1 hour long audio files fail to load

After getting zero response from Cubase ‘support’ for 12 days, I figured I’d post here

I keep getting the same issue when I record long sessions (1 hour). If I record 8 channels of audio onto regular audio channels, then when I re-open the project, Cubase refuses to reload the audio files. The project opens, everything else is setup as it was, but there’s no audio clips in the audio channels.

It’s also impossible for me to drag the audio files back onto the channels to continue - rendering my recordings utterly useless. When I try to re-add the audio clips then Cubase silently refuses, no error message, and no indication of why it’s not working.

This is pretty poor really, hour long sessions are hardly beyond the realms of reasonable usage. I have 5TB of hard-drive space and 72GB of RAM - so there’s no resource limitations here.

I’m running Windows 10 / Cubase Pro v9.5.0 Build 55 (64bit)

Any thoughts?

Cubase 9.5 is on 9.5.21 now, You should update and test again.

Same issue

I haven’t seen this reported- and the first thing to do is rule out a problem on your system.

Do the essential troubleshooting step of starting with initialized prefs. Use Cubase Safe Start Mode to do that. If you don’t know about it yet, a quick google search of the italicized phrase will find it.

Based on what little you have said, I would also suggest making sure you are not running Cubase as Admin.

Also, if you didn’t receive an automated confirmation of the ticket you opened from your SB account, I would suggest opening a new one, and be sure to fill it out completely. It is remotely possible that your email provider is filtering out emails from SB, you might try changing your email in your SB account.