1 hour to start Cubase 10

  1. Today i tried to starting Cubase 10 pro almost a hour. it normal for pro software?
  2. Some my 9.5.41 projects crashed when i try using cubase 10
  3. Old bug with cycle playback files in media bay comeback

win 10, cubase 10

  1. No
  2. Mine does the same.

It’s time to get on the PCIe NVMe Band wagon. Life’s too short for load times.

The plugin scanning routine is partly responsible, how many do you have?

Mine used to take 30mins or so. I added exclusions to my plug-in folders and all Cubase related folders in Windows Defender.
It’s under a minute now. Hope that helps.

Something is very wrong on your system for it to take that long, I hate to tell you. I’ve been using Cubase for about 13 years on both Windows and Mac with many different machines, and I have never encountered such an issue aside from when I first boot up a new version because of the plugin scanning (though 1 hour is outrageously long for any amount of plugins). I wish I knew what to tell you to fix it. Try what jjjooonnn said above?


You probably misunderstood me, the problem is not related to scanning plug-ins) The problem was with the launch cubase 10, cubase dint scan nothing. For the first 15 minutes, he wrote down on initialization, then in the final he could not identify the video device). My next steps were to reinstall Cubase 10 and elicenser, but it also didtn help me) Cubase 9,5,41 started flawlessly. I’ve been working with cubase since about 2005 (cubase 3) and all their release version with a lot of bugs and its just prevent from working stably in the studio with clients.

There is also no stable compatibility with old version projects and this is sad
My system works stably with other versions cubase and works stably as a whole.

Sorry you’re experiencing that – I’d be frustrated too.