1 inserted Drum Loop Midi file, Changes TEMPO

I just inserted an Intro Midi file from the Drum Loops, positioned it, glued it together and some parts of my song have adopted the new file TEMPO, i don’t think it did that before.

Clicked UNDO until all the inserting and modifying was gone, thankfully song returned to original tempo.


TEMPO Change,

This is definitely happening, I have put a MIDI file Drum Bridge onto a separate track line and it’s changed the TEMPO of the Base and Drum tracks, not the whole song, as I thought before.

My work around seems to be …

In my case, I moved the original drum track to the right, giving enough space for the new Midi Drum Loop, inserted the new loop at the front, moved it to the position I wanted it, then drag back the original section over the inserted Midi Track, because we can’t see through the tracks anymore, Played the track and the Tempo has stayed as original.

I’m afraid there seems to be another issue though, if you press the song yellow Mute button(all tracks), as I did, then enabled the solo button on the particular tracks, they will not play the Soloed tracks, unless of course, You are supposed to do it this way round, maybe I should put this as a different message !


Hi Dave73,

Thank you for your message.

The MIDI files included in Cubasis (such as the “Allen Morgan Signature Drums” locate in Media/MIDI) include dedicated drum kit and BPM settings.
Double tapping a MIDI file of this category will load the associated drum kit, and change the project tempo.

Hope that helps.


Ok Lars, thank you for that,

is there any way I can change the midi file tempo to bring it in line with my song then !


Hi Dave,

The tempo in the MIDI files is fixed, however you are free to change the Cubasis project tempo.
This can easily be done on the tempo popup located to the right in the top menu bar.

MIDI events automatically follow the tempo of your project.


Lars, this prizes are very important question,

For such a quality product I would expect to be able to control different tempos in a song, I may want to change tempo, change a beat from 4/4 to 3/4, how can I do that if there is no control on individual tracks or sections of the track, these are basic music practises. Would this be a suggested MOD.


The idea, that midi could or should be delivered with a fixed, not changeable tempo, is completely hilarious in itself.

Fix it.

Hi jim knopf,

Cubasis comes with several MIDI factory files, such as the Allen Morgan Signature Drums.

These MIDI files are laid out similar to song structures, providing MIDI drum patterns for intros, verses, bridges etc.
In addition, the MIDI files will load a particular Allen Morgan drum kit and come with a suggested tempo.

At any point, the user can change the project tempo at his own wish.


Hi Lars,

imported midi files generally should never overrule user project settings, neither for song tempo nor for track naming.
As user, I principally NEVER want to see my project settings and naming overruled by imported content.
And I also see no reason to waste time on manually readjusting, after import makes unwanted overrule decisions.

To get factory content played back in original settings and context, there must be better ways - if none other, then having it as an option in the settings, or by offering drum content templates.

I’m pleased there is some discussion on this, Lars you cannot be suggesting that when loading a Midi file into a 20/30 or more track song that you have spent hours, days editing and refining should be controlled by a single Midi file. We need to have control on the midi file tempo, in the case of an audio file, you can shrink and stretch.

I have just been on the cubasis 10 forum and there are plenty of people screaming for “varispeed” control of track files. On a secondary point on “tempo”, concerning drums, can we insert other vst files into cubasis3, I need some extensive drum alternatives in the form of drum fills, bridges and ends, or do I just keep pressing my midi keyboard/drum pad with creative flare.


I agree, importing a MIDI file should never change the tempo map of a project. The beauty of MIDI is that it is supposed to adapt to the tempo of the song and not vice versa.

It would be great if this could be fixed.

Thank you.

I didn’t think I’d seen this bug so I’ve just created a couple of midi tracks with a few notes and set a random project tempo. I’ve tried importing a few random Allen Morgan midi drum tracks and none of them have changed the project’s tempo. Of course, I’m not doubting what people are saying here, just curious!

Hi @A_Pej,

As mentioned by @dobidicus importing a MIDI event does to change the project tempo. The last reply to this topic was from Jan 20 (over a year), so it seems that the issue is no longer valid.


Oh right. That explains it. Thanks.