1. Layout disapear - 2. Too much crashes

What can make a layout disapear from a project?

This is the second time that it happens in the actual project I am working on.
All of a sudden a Layout is not there any more.
I have no idea how this could happen, it is simply not there any more in the right panel.

I am in the process of loading 22 flows in one project.
I do this importing each flow one by one and making sure that each player from a new flow is imported to the right player.
This means quite a lot of manipulation like activating/deactivating players for specific layouts or for specific flows, copying and pasting music from one player to another, deleting unused staff, creating new instruments and so on and of course one can accidentally make a mistake but I can’t imagine what can lead to the deleting of a layout!
What I am sure of is that I definitely did not actively deleted a layout.

It happened once as I was working with flow 9 and now it happened again as I am working importing flow 12.

During this phase of my work it is not so important and does not have much consequences as I have not done any formatting work and I can quickly re-create the missing layout.
But I am unsecure about further work when I will work on the formatting for each layout.
I assume that if a Layout disapear then all formatting work will also disapear!

I also must say that I have quite a lot of crashes with Dorico.
I believe even more when two projects are open at the same time.
Crashes happen often when I inadvertantly click on something though a process is not finished.
For example I remove an instrument and inadvertantly I do something else though Dorico is not completely ready (removing an instrumetn takes really a long time and sometimes I forget this!).
This often leads to a crash (Dorico does not respond any more) and I must quit Dorico through the Task Manager.
Crashes happen also when I work on one project and then switch to the other opened window with another project.
I also had crashes just trying to add a new instrument to a player :frowning:
During the last week I had crashes quite often like four or five times per hour!
And I work several hours each day with Dorico.
It happens so often that I save my work after each step I did because I fear that Dorico will crash!

Is there something I can do (like sending log reports) to inform the Dorico team about this kind of crashes and would it be usefull?

#2. Would it help if Dorico displayed a prominent progress bar when such extended (more or less hidden) processes took place?
Would that cause an additional performance hit?

Dorico will prune completely empty layouts when you save the project. So if you create a layout and don’t assign any players or flows to it, next time you open the project, that layout will be gone.

As for crashes, yes, we definitely want to know about these. You can do Help > Create Diagnostic Report to bundle up all of the various crash dumps and other files, and then you can send them to us. I expect the file will be too big to attach here on the forum, so you can send it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Ah, good to know!
This was surely the reason because indeed in order to get Dorico as responsive as possible I sometimes deactivate a lot of things!
Thanks for this Information.

I have sent the diagnostics file but I am not sure if it contains logs for the freezes or crashes of the last days!

Working for the first time with several flows in a project I never encountered these situations.
I am now trying to think further about your answer.

What happens to the formating when you unassign a flow from a layout but keep at least one flow assigned?
Will the formating for the unassigned flows disapear?
And what happens when you temporarily unassign players from a layout?
Will the formating for the unassigned players be lost?

In other words would you be so kind to sum up the conditions under which one may loose the formating work when you temporarily assign/unassign flows, layouts or players?

Layout work and formatting is layout dependent. If you remove a flow or a player from a layout, you lose that work.

Does it means that as soon as you beginn to do some layout and formatting work it is not possible to temporarily unassign anything?
I guess I should try and make some test on my own instead of asking!

I recommend not doing layout work until you’ve got your notation work done, and (obviously) assigning players to flows and flows to layouts.

But yes, do your own research - you’ll likely get a better feel for what is and isn’t retained, that way.