1 license 2 computers


Yeah I understand that is not possible but sometimes when you have a mix on your laptop and you want it on your desktop you realize something goes wrong (kontakt instances empty because instrument not in same drive / reverb bug on Valhalla that goes 100% wet / maschine instance is empty grrrr)… lots of stuff.
At that moment, being able to remove licenses from computer say for a few hours ! just to open the project on the other machine could help make corrections.
I would be ready also to pay a extra elicenser that would have that xtra hours.
The only solution I have right now is to shut down my desktop and finalise the mix on the laptop really because just moving the project is not working…

Why can’t you just move move the USB key to the other computer?

yes but right now then the computer that I removed the key from would not work correct ?
… I think I get an error message elicenser not detected or something.

That doesn’t tell us anything meaningful. Please verify you understand how it should work, that the ELC is installed correctly, etc

Very helpful thanks.
Have a nice day.

Glad I could help! :wink:

If you don’t understand how things work, why do you blame others?
Buy a second license would solve your problem instantly…

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The way Steinberg licenses work is:

ONE license per purchase. ONE computer can run Nuendo at ONE time.

If you need to run TWO Nuendos at the same time, then you need to buy a SECOND license.


…to add to the other replies: You can remove the license from one computer and plug it into any computer in the universe that has Nuendo installed to “move” the license from one computer to another.