1-line vocal stave for rhythmic spoken text

is there any way to create a 1-line vocal stave for the notation of spoken text? This would be quite normal in e.g. a theatre score or musical etc. So far all I can use is a 5-line stave, which really isn’t the right tool for this.
Any tips or work-arounds appreciated!

Welcome to the forum @philipvenables ! You can’t change the number of staves for an instrument, but you could give the player another instrument to hold in additional to their vocal one for the purposes of spoken sections?

I.e. so you have a single player holding a Soprano instrument (say) plus a single-line percussion instrument, and for the spoken text sections, you just write notes/rhythms on the percussion instrument staff. Dorico will then handle the instrument changes between the two for you.

I notice that in the vocal score for Hamilton, Alex Lacamore (who was responsible for the engraving) notates the hip-hop sections as “ornamental” x-noteheads on the second space down of a five-line staff rather than using a single-line staff. One can suppress playback of those noteheads or assign them to a different voice and instrument sound if desired.