1 month wait for support?

Hi, I am sorry to post here but I am still waiting after a month for support from Steinberg.

I purchased Elements update 9.5 from the site and was given the activation code which I used to update my soft-ELicenser and install the update on my existing copy of Elements 9.
Unfortunately when I logged into my Steinberg account the update wasn’t listed, only Elements 9 was shown.
I tried to update my account with the soft-Elicenser but was given the error message “This E-Licenser is depreciated please contact support”.I contacted support and then decided to update my system and reinstall Windows (big mistake as now I have no 9.5 update on my system.)
I contacted the asknet webseller for help after waiting 2 weeks for Steinberg support but was told to use the support site.

I have since purchased Artist 9.5 as I find the software great but would like the paid update to be added to my account so that I can sell it on with a USB Elicenser.

Support is quite busy around this time of the year due to the holidays and the new Cubase release.

I’m afraid that only Steinberg Support will be able to help you with that now. You’ll probably only have to provide a proof of purchase and they’ll give you a new activation code.

Take a look at your previous ticket and make sure that you made your situation very clear. Otherwise it might be a good idea to send another one explaining the current situation and referencing your previous ticket. If you’re not in a hurry, I would just wait another week.