1-Scrubbing 2-Vari audio

Hello guys ! Im new to Cubase …so far all is good but now that ive updrade to 10.5 pro ., theres some stuff i just cant figure out how to do . Maybe someone can help me out here ?

1- when i scrubbe with the mouse on Audio …i cant hear any sound ? What am i doing wrong?

2- in Vari audio editing ,first in the multitrack view, if i click on the lead vocal part and duplicate the track , then i click on the new track and see the edit for vari audio and all the midi notes in color …
Everytime i try to move a note to make harmonys , why is the lead part changing also ???
I want to only edit the second track … and even if i rename the second track i does the same thing !!!

Also when i move the midi notes , i still cant hear any sound ?? Why is this ? … please help me …


  1. Make sure Control Room is enabled, Monitor Bus output is set to your speakers and Output is set to Not Connected. All monitors are routed to this Monitor bus.

  2. When you start to edit the duplicated Audio event, make sure you create a New Version. You should be ask for it by a dialog. If you don’t see this dialog, double check Preferences > Editing > Audio > On Processing Shared Clips… Set it to Open Options Dialog, please.

  3. the same as 1.