1 Second delay between clicking my mouse and the playhead snapping to it? Is this normal?

So when in ‘Video Follows Edit Mode’, if I click my mouse in empty space, the playhead snaps to it instantly. But when I click my cursor on top of audio, there is like a 1 second delay between clicking and when the playhead snaps to it. Is this normal?

Here is a video I recorded if it helps:

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Only thing I can think of is that the drive is working to get audio located. If you look at the performance meter in the bottom right corner it seems like the meter for disk ‘work’ behaves differently depending on where you’re clicking. So I would try with a project with audio on a different drive. See if that helps.

Either that or it’s a RAM issue or something along those lines.

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I agree with this assessment. Seems the drive where the audio is stored and played back might be the issue here. Some drives are not well suited for audio editing and playback etc.
Sometimes these drives need to be “defragmented” properly, to not exhibit this sort of behavior. I still defragment my audio work drives, for this reason. No matter which DAW I am running.

Hmm well this audio is off of my internal SSD, and I just tried it on a second internal SSD as well as a external HD, and am getting the same results.

I have 64GB of RAM and a 12-core 3900x Ryzen processor so I would be very surprised if it’s a hardware problem.

Does it not do this for you guys?

What I noticed though is if I click where the delay is and then instantly move my mouse, the cursor pops up really quick. The delay is only there if I click and don’t move my mouse which makes me think it’s something in the Nuendo code.

EDIT: also just noticed it does it on midi events too - so its just ANY content, even an empty event. So yeah doesn’t seem to be a HD problem.