10.0.10 breaks loop tweaker

Something bad happened to the loop tweaker with this update. If I use the automatic search function, I can see the new loop selected and all seems fine until I watch the loop markers in the actual file and see that they stop moving at some point and I can see the actual loop that the loop tweaker has defined wandering around completely outside the loop markers in the file. To make matters worse, if I use a crossfade and then undo it, the loop that was defined by the loop tweaker is abandoned and the original loop that was defined by the loop markers is back, as if nothing I did in the loop tweaker even happened. I thought that maybe the loop markers just failed to update, because after leaving the loop tweaker the new loop was still working, but the situation is actually the worst that you can have. You save the file thinking that the loop is good and when you reopen it, you find that the original loop is the one that got saved and all your work went away. I rolled back to 10.0 and these problems don’t occur.

While I’m on the subject of the loop tweaker - is it really possible that in 2019 I have to render a crossfade (hit Apply) and then undo it in order to eventually find the best crossfade position and curve? Isn’t this something that even a cpu in 1990 could accomplish in real time? It appears that Halion 6 somehow borrowed all the best things from the loop tweaker and then made it work exactly the way I wish the loop tweaker worked. But, it’s much more awkward to use Halion as a general wave editor, so I’d prefer the same functionality in WL.

Hi! Do you use WL Pro 10 for Mac? I have the same and other problems as well.

I recently bought WaveLab Pro 10 for the Mac and have not been able to use it since I only have problems with loops and the Loop Tweaker. Version 10.0.30 is already installed. The bugs only seem to exist on the Mac version! I made 2 videos, which you can download here:


Can you reproduce the following problems?

To video 1:

  1. Despite the activated loop function (at the bottom of the transport bar), the cursor still passes through the right marker instead of looping there.

  2. I now activate the “Region between marker pairs” function under “Play audio range” (right click on it) so that the loop works in the first place.

  3. If I now move the right marker in the Loop Tweaker, it now changes position, which did not work in version 10.0.20, but has now been fixed with 10.0.30 (PAR-4124). It’s good for now.

  4. But: If I stop the loop and start it again, the old area will be looped again before I have moved the right marker. The cursor simply goes through the marker and loops at the point where the marker was previously.

    Video 2 (Steinberg has already reproduced these two bugs, so a fix can be expected for this):

  5. Dragging the waveform in the Loop Tweaker is not possible. The markers move, but the view of the waveform remains.

  6. Loop Tweaker Finetuning arrow: If I click on this, the position of the marker changes, but the view of the waveform remains.

By the way: I also installed WaveLab Elements 9.5. and it’s running smoothly with it.

“Despite the activated loop function (at the bottom of the transport bar), the cursor still passes through the right marker instead of looping there.”

…i’m experiencing this too, mentionned it in another post.

Yes, I’m on a Mac. I’ll take a look at your videos. It sounds like you’re having similar problems with the loop tweaker to the ones I was having. I actually gave up on WL for looping and went to Halion 6, so I haven’t looked at the looping in 10.0.30. There are some inconveniences with doing things in Halion, but the looping tools work like a modernized version of the WL loop tweaker, so it’s easier looping over there. If the loop tweaker in WL gets fixed and updated at some point, I’d consider coming back.

I contacted Steinberg and they can reproduce the bugs. Sounds promising that it could be fixed soon. Looping with Halion 6 sounds interesting. I have to try this out. Do you have a faster workflow with Halion?

Yeah, it’s nice because it has the same kind of auto find loop start/end system with match percentages as WL has, but you can just let the loop play and change the loop points and the crossfades in realtime. You can also trim the samples, do fades in and out and hear how all the loops and trimming work in the instrument itself. Everything is non-destructive, so you can change things at will. The only downside is that you have to import and export things rather than using the normal open and save process which is a little more cumbersome than using a wave editor. It’s a different workflow, but as I get more comfortable with it, I’m starting to see some advantages.