[10.0.10] Transport Panel (F2) "show all" wider than FHD screen

The non-resizable floating Transport Panel (F2) in Cubase 10.0.10 can be wider than 1920 pixels and under certain circumstance cannot be reset.

To reproduce:

  1. On a system with a single FHD monitor (e.g. a laptop with a 1920x1080 resolution), press F2 to display the Transport Panel
  2. Click the setup (“gear”) icon on the Transport Panel and select “Show All”
  3. It is now not possible to select “Reset All” because the toolbar cannot be dragged far enough to the left to make the “gear” icon visible again.

I thought I was seeing this, but was able to drag the Transport Ribbon over to show the gear icon to reset from ‘show all’ to default.

(I don’t think this new Transport is an improvement on the one in Ver 9.5. I’d like the old Transport Bar back if possible).

I’m not opposed to change, but the replacement should be at least as good or better. I really wonder whether the person who designed this new Transport Bar even understands that “floating” and “compact” are the key attributes of its usability? How on earth did this even get past basic beta testing?

I agree. :frowning: I didn’t use the floating transport bar often, but it worked really well, was visually fine and fit comfortably in all editors. Metronome Options with Alt-Click should be restored.

I couldn’t exactly duplicate the issue you posted about, but this is one aspect of the update that I’d rather have had as an option.

:cry: I’m sure the re-design of the transport is an effort to do everything on 1 screen, but I have always placed the transport on the second screen below the #1 mixer. I just tried the elements demo to see if all my vst plugins work (they did) but the transport and the right-click menu are deal breakers for me.
I won’t upgrade until/unless they are improved. The transport is vertically challenged for me, please give me an option!