10.0.20: What's the Verdict?

Appreciate any reviews form the field on 10.0.20 now that’s it’s been out for a bit.

I am still holding steady with 9.5.5 - but want to know if it might be time to move forward.

So - what’s good and what’s bad out there with 10.0.20?

Appreciate any comments.



I have not found any problems with WL Pro 10.0.20. I am very happy with it.

Here too.

Every new version program has one or more little bugs. In my situation version 10.0.20 is very stable. I know that are a few bugs, but they will be fixed soon.
The only bad decision was that Wavelab has ended the full integration of Algorithmix Renovator. Now you have to buy Spectralyers or Izotope RX.
But it is the very bad support of Algorithmix that it is not possible to use it with a workaround. That is not something that can be charged to Steinberg.

10.0.20 is really stable on Windows 10 Professional. At least as stable as 9.5 here. I’m mainly ITB now and it supports all of the plugins (DMG/Oxford/Voxengo) that I use everyday. On my two systems, 10 seems to use resources a little more efficiently (not a big factor here).

It feels ‘smooth’ to use. I believe from your previous posts that you do not really use the montage features … and it’s there that I perceive improvements in 10 (Inspector etc).

To be completely honest, I could happily continue to work in 9.5. But the reality is that all the ongoing development and feature improvements will be for 10 and … if for no other reason … it made sense to me to transition.

i found 10.10 to be the version that made me switch over from 9.5 full time. i’m on a mac and it’s been smooth sailing. the worst bugs, for me, were ironed out with 10.10 but 10.20 has fixed even more. there are still a couple of fixes i’m hoping for, including better dual monitor support (many plug ins, when re-opened from the master list open halfway between the two monitors often with their GUIs all scaled wrong)…

everyone’s systems are different, but i’ve been very happy with 10.10 onwards!

I’m liking it a lot. Good performance, and to me it seems the processes are easier to access, montage, CD creation/CD text, and DDP creation in particular. Apparently there is still an issue with the Resampler as it pertains to ‘on the fly’ changes that will be fixed in 10.30.

I am working on a Mac and have to agree that after the 10.0.20. update it’s much more stable and faster (especially while using iZotope plug-ins).
THE fault that stayed - as I already mentioned in another post - is that if another program is playing or recording with a different bit/samplerate than that currently used on WL the preferences for the audio in/output in WL are changed, the playing “stammers” and recordings are finished. That doesn’t happen with 9.5.5 nor iZotope RX 7.

Judging by the current look in the forum here - there still seems to be a lot of unknowns (and unrest) in here and PG is listed bug after bug going into 10.0.30. This does not bode well for 10.0.20 for me.

There is no way I am going to risk my 9.5.5 environment at this time.

Very disappointing to see all the general negative threads piling up out there.



Some of the bugs which have come up are, we are told, already present in version 9 - so if they don’t affect you there, you don’t need to worry so much.


On a peer to peer forum it is expected for posts to be about bugs found and questions about changes. This happens on all software forums. It should not stop one from updating to the latest version. Wavelab pro 10.0.20 is running fine on my system. A windows 10 system.

Also PG is giving a lot of information that is very informative. It should not be seen as indicative of a more buggy software.

@Vocalpoint Do you know a DAW forum where users never report bugs?

Also, with what other major audio software can you communicate directly with the person who is doing the major work? Somebody who asked for more details to reproduce issues and lets you know that it’s confirmed to be fixed in the next update, and when that update will be?

It’s no secret that this is a somewhat small community of us on the forum regularly, and while we’d all love for WaveLab to be perfect all the time, the reality is that here we all are trying to help each other out. Sometimes a problem is user related, or because they didn’t know about something that can already be done. Sometimes it’s a bug that has to be fixed by WaveLab. In a group this small, it’s all the same to me, because the communication is open. When I think of Logic or Pro Tools, there is no clue if anybody is even listening.

It seems a little odd that @Vocalpoint expects everybody else to be the guinea pigs rather than offering any help in the process. If it were me, I’d install WaveLab 10 ASAP so any issues that may pop up can be fixed in 10.0.30 which is actively being worked on, or could have already been addressed in 10.0.20. Could internal testing and release timing of WL10 been better? Maybe, but that is water under the bridge.

Not all configurations and workflows the same, so it’s entirely possible that @Vocalpoint will encounter no problems. Especially now in 10.0.20.

I for one use WaveLab everyday without any problems that have me considering 9.5.50, and it’s been this way for awhile. To add to this, you can use WaveLab 10 and 9.5 at the same time so there is no real danger in trying. Rather than complaining about other complaints on forums, time would be better spent actually trying the software, reporting issues (if any), and they can be fixed in the next update. Anything else is a waste of time or delaying the inevitable.

If WaveLab and the features added for version 10 are important to you, then this is the only logical thing to do. Not helping and expecting others to do the dirty work makes no sense, plus, no two systems are 100% alike so you’ll never really know until you jump in and try it.

If WaveLab and the features added for version 10 are not important to you, why even come to the forum?

Well actually, since you’re the one starting the tread, maybe you should read back. You asked ‘What’s the verdict?’ and everyone replying to you is positive about current WL 10.0.20. So people are trying to tell you it’s okay and your response is ‘There is no way I am going to risk my 9.5.5 environment at this time.’ (which you don’t risk in any case, you can use your beloved 9.5.5 next to 10.0.20)

I think everyone reading this thread can see what’s disappointing.

This is and always has been a major selling point at least for me of Wavelab. It’s too bad “direct communication with the developer” can be one of those marketing/feature points for advertising. Support, especially these days is vital, and it seems you often get what you pay for.

Does anyone know if Sonarworks Reference 4 is working ok with the latest version of Wavelab? I read in another forum, that it was not working.

Did a quick test (the headphone edition of Reference) and it seems to be working ok.

Thank you!

Still loosing my audio-connections and always have to reset the settings. :astonished:
=> Preference => Audio Connections => Preset => Refresh

Sonar works for me, but not Waves Abbey Road Studio.