10.0.30 - BUG - Loop Tweaker - does not do anything?


Found some old school loop audio files in my stash from 15 years ago where 30 loops are in one long audio file and want to create a loop library out of it.

I load up one of the files (2:00 min in length) and use Auto Split to just create loop markers (Start/end) around each audio segment (about 40 segments)

I then double click between two loop points to select the audio and open Loop Tweaker - which displays the start/end point of the loop with a vertical line in the dialog. When I place my mouse inside the audio area of the dialog I get this double ended arrow the manual says I am supposed to be able “manually refine a loop selection by dragging the waveform to the left or right”

But I cannot do anything in here. All I see is a double headed arrow cursor and I cannot use it to drag or move anything? Is this just broken or am I doing something wrong?

Just did the same process in 9.5.50 and it works fine. Looks like another 10.0.30 bug to be fixed.