no plugins found for Process VST3

vst3effectsvalidator-2024-01-23-173544.ips (6.0 KB)
I am a new user, and am having trouble with Spectralayers Pro 10. My plugins show up in other daws, and the path is correct in the preferences for SL10. I have scanned for plugins and the scan goes through but no plugins are found even though I see the names being shown on the progress bar. I’ve uploaded the report from the diagnostics report and have tested this on m1 macs, and intel macs running 13.6.1. Four different systems all show the same problem. I have also tried removing and reinstalling the application while giving full disk access to spectralayers and the steinberg download assistant. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @kpedregon47 this issue is fixed in the upcoming SL 10.0.50, which will hopefully be available mid-february (or apply to beta.steinberg.net for an early access).

Thank you for the information. I look forward to the new release.