10.0.40 - Settings aren't recalled if you use Pref Presets

Tested with 10.0.40 using Windows 10.


  1. Start with fresh Cubase 10 settings.
  2. Start Cubase with an empty project, go to Edit / Preferences.
  3. Go to User Interface / Custom Colors.
  4. Chose a light color as Project Area Background (e. g. white). Click OK.
  5. Close Cubase.
  6. Start Cubase again with an empty project. The color is still light/white.
  7. Go to Edit / Preferences. Click ‘Store’’ at the bottom of the window.
  8. Create a preference preset named ‘MyTest’ or similar.
  9. Chose your freshly created preset from the drop down menu and click Apply and OK.
  10. Restart Cubase with an empty project.

The background color of your project will always be dark (default). You have to apply your created preset manually to get the light background. This is only if you use the preference presets function. As long as you don’t touch it, your settings will be recalled correctly when Cubase starts.

Please confirm.


This is an known issue for the whole Cubase 10.0.x generation (and maybe even older). The colours are not stored in the preferences correctly.

You can use Profile instead.

Thank you for the info.