10.0.40 Update

I believe Matthias already said it was scheduled for August. So it should be any time now.

They’re far too busy fixing bugs to reply to these kinds of forum posts!


The hinted August deadline approaches…

Always interested to check the build date of the update when it drops.

Isn’t Wednesday the typical release date for updates? I don’t think there’s going to be an August update.

It will be about the same time as 10.5.0.

Yeah, Steinberg seems pretty good about doing one release at or after the next major update, so if 10.0.40 or 10.0.50 came after the 10.5 update, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised.

It’s a good chance that Cubase 10.0.40 will be released on the same day as Nuendo 10.2 (just as C10.0.30 was released on the same day as N10.1 - both June 26).

The Nuendo 10.2 update was confirmed as late as today in the Nuendo forum that it will be released first week of September, i.e. next week.
It was delayed due to issues found at the testing phase.

So, next week is quite likely for the Cubase update too.


YES, its coming the next week for sure

Ahh, but will it work for those of us using Windows 8 or 7?

Yes, why wouldn’t it?
The drop of Win7/8 support are for the 10.5 version, not 10.0 updates. That’s clearly stated.

…wait, Windows 8 works?! :slight_smile:

Re: [CAN-23727] Midi “Record Enable” notes being reset (10.0.30 Bug)

Post 12 Jul 2019 07:41

Next month being August 2019 which is now part of history…

It is available now

Let’s hope the note length bug as been fixed

Still no fix for broken Sampler Track file location after Backup Project :unamused:

Well, i don’t expect much these days from Steinberg regarding this kind of issue, could be a year a way! Alongside paid upgrade…

Update notes here:-

When I use Groove Agent / Sampler tracks I always pull the file in to the project first on to a muted track normally called ‘library’, or whatever. I then drag from that track in to Groove agent / Sample track.

Version history: 10.0.40
ID # Area Issue
CAN-23046 ARA Corrected playback behavior when using ARA processes on multiple lanes for comping.
CAN-22875 ARA Improved responsiveness when using Melodyne via ARA on long events.
CAN-23179 ARA Playback now works correctly using ARA Extensions with Processing Precision set to 64-bit float.
CAN-24013 ARA Fixed a playback issue when using ARA Extensions on audio events with 96 kHz sample rate.
CAN-23405 Audio Connections
Audio Connections I/O presets now update correctly when switching to another audio hardware.
CAN-23086 Audio Export Imported MP3 audio files now appear with the correct length in the project.
CAN-22747 Control Room Master Meter settings’ strings are now translated correctly.
CAN-23399 Device Panels MIDI Device Panels of Instrument Tracks now restore correctly when loading projects.
CAN-15065 Direct Offline Processing
DOP now retains parameter values correctly when reapplying plug-ins with Learn function.
CAN-22392 Drum Editor Drum Maps of VST instruments are now saved correctly with the project file.
CAN-24602 Fades Fixed a stability issue when using Auto Fade in Equal Power mode.
CAN-23133 Freeze File Save confirmation dialog now prompts correctly when closing a project after having used the Freeze function.
CAN-22256 General Non-Latin characters are now displayed correctly.
CAN-19882 MediaBay Fix for potential application stall when browsing MIDI loops in MediaBay.
CAN-23675 Metronome Fixed an issue where additional outputs could not be selected in the Metronome Setup window.
CAN-20076 MixConsole MixConsole Visibility Agents now display their active status correctly.
CAN-22745 MixConsole Copy/Paste of Instrument Track Channel Settings no longer modifies VST instrument selection.
The image part with relationship ID rId2 was not found in the file.
CAN-22652 MixConsole Channel Overview now shows the correct amount of channels after using Set Channel Filter for Channel Visibility.
CAN-24171 MixConsole VST MultiPanner now panning all channels when routing surround.
CAN-23260 Note Expression Fixed a stability issue when working with Note Expressions.
CAN-23021 Note Expression Fixed a stability issue when editing Note Expression data.
CAN-23531 Plug-in The value range of Auto LFO MIDI plug-in is now restored correctly when loading projects.
CAN-22663 Plug-in Fixed a stability issue when using vintage Cubase plug-ins in a project.
CAN-22699 Plug-in Brickwall Limiter threshold parameter now shows a correct scale.
CAN-22845 Pool Pool Search mode user interface corrected.
CAN-18564 Project Window Track numbering corrected when adding tracks.
CAN-21951 Recording Direct Monitoring input metering corrected.
CAN-23727 Recording Record-enabling MIDI tracks no longer sends “All Notes Off”.
CAN-22733 Sample Editor Fixed a stability issue when “Create MIDI Notes” from Hitpoints was triggered twice.
CAN-12327 Sampler Track Sampler Track now accepts improper audio files from Pro Tools.
CAN-23192 Sampler Track Key Editor toolbar Edit Sampler Control icon is now displayed correctly.
CAN-23738 Score Editor Score Editor handling corrected for Multi-Rests.
CAN-22599 Score Editor Corrected chord symbols in MusicXML export.
CAN-23350 Track Presets Extract Sound from Track Preset now works correctly for MIDI insert plug-ins.
CAN-21956 Transport Editing Locator Range Duration values now works correctly.
CAN-22548 Transport Editing Pre/Post-Roll and Punch In/Out values now work correctly.
The image part with relationship ID rId2 was not found in the file.
CAN-23878 VST Instruments
Instrument track name is now displayed correctly when using Japanese characters.
CAN-22943 VST Instruments
Resizing HALion’s user interface now works correctly for mixed resolution multi-display setups.
CAN-22387 VariAudio Fixed an issue when using formant shifting on first VariAudio note segment produced distorted audio.
CAN-18817 Video Improved reliability of Full Screen video playback.