10.0.40 Update

@Matthias @Steinberg

I think its time to give us the release date… The world is waiting for this necessary update ?

Hahaaaaaaaaaa … good laugh. Hahaaaaa… rofl…

whats funny? :unamused:

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It kind of is funny, software development does not work that way.
Any guesstimate would probably be wrong, unless it’s in the final testing and nothing unforeseen pops up.

See the thread on the Nuendo 10 forum about the upcoming release (Luis Dongos answer). Probably will Cubase 10 and Nuendo 10 update come next week.


I believe Matthias already said it was scheduled for August. So it should be any time now.

They’re far too busy fixing bugs to reply to these kinds of forum posts!


The hinted August deadline approaches…

Always interested to check the build date of the update when it drops.

Isn’t Wednesday the typical release date for updates? I don’t think there’s going to be an August update.

It will be about the same time as 10.5.0.

Yeah, Steinberg seems pretty good about doing one release at or after the next major update, so if 10.0.40 or 10.0.50 came after the 10.5 update, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised.

It’s a good chance that Cubase 10.0.40 will be released on the same day as Nuendo 10.2 (just as C10.0.30 was released on the same day as N10.1 - both June 26).

The Nuendo 10.2 update was confirmed as late as today in the Nuendo forum that it will be released first week of September, i.e. next week.
It was delayed due to issues found at the testing phase.

So, next week is quite likely for the Cubase update too.


YES, its coming the next week for sure

Ahh, but will it work for those of us using Windows 8 or 7?

Yes, why wouldn’t it?
The drop of Win7/8 support are for the 10.5 version, not 10.0 updates. That’s clearly stated.

…wait, Windows 8 works?! :slight_smile:

Re: [CAN-23727] Midi “Record Enable” notes being reset (10.0.30 Bug)

Post 12 Jul 2019 07:41

Next month being August 2019 which is now part of history…

It is available now

Let’s hope the note length bug as been fixed