10.0.40 Update

Regarding the elicenser rollback which also happened to me with this update. If Steinberg has a logical reason for doing this I suppose we would appreciate an explanation otherwise it is simply an error on their part and could have been avoided with due care and attention on their part.

My experience of this update was identical to etchell’s, above. IMHO the elicenser debacle is unfortunate, but not a big deal, since it was so easy to fix.


10.0.40 has arrived.

2 days ago! :wink:

Why was this update not officially announced as others have been in the past?


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I agree, it would be extremely bad practice and false advertising. The ARA2 implementation in Cubase 10 is a disgrace and it’s so flaky, undocumented and missing parts, it’s an utter embarrassment. For the first time in about 30 years I’m considering moving on from Cubase to Studio One, which I’m demoing now. That’s a really big deal for me, I’ve stuck with Steinberg through thick and thin and it’s only been in recent years I’ve actually had to join this forum. I’ve no idea why Steinberg feel they’ve got to cram in so much half working, useless garbage, but I suspect it’s so the marketing department can tick box’s, whilst ignoring that the stuff just don’t work like it should. I’m just so disappointed with Cubase 10.

Probably as it’s not carrying anything major? I.e. ARA support was quite substantial.
But yeah, it is odd, if it weren’t for the forums I probably wouldn’t have been aware.

I did the transition to Studio One 4.5 after de 1st failure about ARA and some annoying bugs…

They haven’t even announced Groove Agent 5 on the Groove Agent forum and how long has it been out now?

ditching cubase crosses my mind many times. I was considering Reaper or StudioOne.
If I was on Mac I would defined chose logic due to quality of its virtual drums and virtual instruments.

But I keep giving steinberg another chance over and over again

In truth, Cubase is so huge and offers so much that fails to deliver properly on every release. I use 3rd party VSTs and VSTi’s that I only really use Cubase now as a recording and mixing base shell, because of the poor quality control, it is shaky, even with the basics like automation and stuff that is really basic that they should have nailed down years ago. I learned the hard way and I’m now at the stage where even using Cubase as a basic recording and mixing shell is full of problems and so, unfortunately that’s just the end for me.

In the last few years, I’ve continued to pay out for new versions of Cubase that don’t deliver and are full of bugs. This sort of fake, half delivery on promises has driven me to distraction. Money is precious and increasingly hard to come by in this present environment and paying for stuff that just never delivers properly is insufferable. They’ve done that for many, many years and now, at last, that has become unacceptable for a larger amount of people and those people are leaving for other Developers that deliver more closely to what they advertise. I can foresee in the near future company’s like Izotope will launch DAWS that have modular attachments like Neutron and Ozone, with 3rd Party plugins and modules bolting on seamlessly, like ARA2 was meant to in Cubase. But hasn’t.

I understand Steinberg are offering lookalike versions of outstanding 3rd party apps like Melodyne and Revoice Pro and many others, but the offering is so cut down, badly implemented and full of bugs and not properly documented it’s just a waste of money. I imagine they’ll introduce something like Izotope’s Neutron 3 or Ozone 8, but in the traditional Steinberg way, and just like the new ARA2 attempt, they’ll be pale and insipid imitations, full of bugs and no go areas and little documentation. Also, I’m finding it isn’t the 3rd Party plugins that are failing, it’s Cubase, because probably like most people, I have a couple of DAWs running in demo where the same plugins that upset Cubase, run flawlessly in those DAWs.

I’d pay for a super stable modular version of Cubase, just a stable base recording and mixing version without all the average and unexciting content and instruments and plugins. Just a base to have all my professional 3rd Party VST’s and VSTI’s in and not some giant, lumbering ozymandian creation, full of bugs and workarounds. Sorry it’s come to this Steinberg, I really am, I’ve been faithful for many years. I was a fanboy for Cubase and until recent years wouldn’t have said a word against them. I know it works for some folks, but I think I’m at the end of my journey with Steinberg. Sorry for the lengthy outpouring, but this is a major thing for me as I’ve been using Cubase for most of my and it’s life, so yes, I’m upset!

+1, in fact, back in the days before Cubase SX this was in fact possible, you could turn off the features you didn’t need. I suppose the modern take on this could be a cheap or even free basic version, but then, through something like “in-app purchases”, you’d just buy the modules you need, with the option to switch them off when you don’t.

Now there’s and idea for Cubase 11 :smiley:

I’ve only recently come back to Cubase and love it. All other DAWs gave me serious issues that didn’t fit my workflow and hardware.

REAPER was awful with my Waves plugins, the UI would stutter and controls wouldn’t automate. Plus a lot of tools that I expect in an audio suite were community driven, and thus hit and miss as to their operation.

I’d find myself setting up items and customising the software more than actually making music!

Studio One couldn’t process SysEx (needed for control of my synths) or Poly Aftertouch (For V Drums). And Mackie support was limited to only 8 parameters.

Logic was tying me in to Mac eco system when the hardware choices made sticking wIth it hard. But the big issue I had with Logic was running external MIDI gear, you couldn’t select MIDI port on a per-track basis. Only by channel (1-16) basis.

Then you have the others such as Ableton that doesn’t have any kind of vocal takes system
and lacks depth for mixing.

Cubase has lead to me being extremely more creative and I love it. I’ve embraced so many of its features and they’re paying dividends.

I don’t know what it does different but everything mixes and sounds so damn good.

I get that doesn’t echo everyone’s experience, but I guess the point is that although the grass looks greener with others DAWs, they all got their problems.

Stienberg at least engage quite well with their users, coming from Apple/Logic background this is totally foreign to have such engagement. With Logic you haven’t a clue when an update is coming, what may be in it, whether they acknowledge bugs OR if you have to move OS.

For me, Its how good your resulting music sounds as to how you judge each DAW. It’s impossible to compare on features alone.

What do you use now?

What do you use now?

I still use Cubase 10 at the moment but have Studio One 4 Pro on demo as well as Reaper. I want to get used to how they behave and interact before making the final jump. For me ARA2 integration and reliability is key, as well as how well the DAW gets on with UAD, Izotope, NI, Arturia and various other VST’s I use all the time. I’m impressed with Studio One development methodology and how they’re moving forward as well as the quality. It’s hard for humans to make fundamental switches, but there comes a point… As I said, Cubase may be perfect for some, but for me and what I want, it doesn’t do it anymore and hasn’t for a few years now.

I mean, it appears in the news feed when you launch Cubase, so it’s not like they’re hiding it. They just didn’t create a new post here for the release (which is weird admittedly). When you think of the percentage of Cubase users that visit these forums versus the percentage that launch the application and will see it on the news feed, I think the former is quite small in comparison.

I mean, it appears in the news feed when you launch Cubase, so it’s not like they’re hiding it.

Unless you have deactivated the Hub (Prefs/General/Use Hub) as some people do.

I never use the hub. I prefer email notifications for updates or a notification on the forum from Steinberg.

Perhaps, but then Steinberg should take the issue of fixing them more seriously. It’s clearly an amazing piece of software, but maintenance updates and whole version releases fly by with serious bugs left unaddressed.